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New clients will be sent a confidential health screening form, to be completed & returned via email. You are encouraged to arrive at the specified appointment time for your treatment to minimise time in communal areas.

Should you feel unwell on the day of your scheduled treatment please telephone 0208 853 4444 to reschedule your appointment.

Payment is via internet banking or cash.

Gift vouchers

Pregnancy Massage Gift vouchers are available.

Valid for 6 months from date of issue


Ageless Beauty

Full body Therapeutic Massage:

60 mins treatment £55

90 mins treatment  £75

Full Back Massage:

30 mins treatment £40

Home visits

£70 for 60 mins
If 2 or more people are having treatments, the fee will reduce

This treatment is not available at Greenwich Wellness Rooms

If you want to discuss this or any other treatment before booking please feel free to email me or call: 0208 853 5944

Bookings are now open for all treatments

Benefits of pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage treatment is very popular. Pregnancy can be a time in a woman’s life when various “ailments” arise-such as poor sleep patterns, cramp, blood pressure changes, heartburn, sciatica, anxiety & fear, to name a few!

Some women are fortunate enough not to experience much in the way of ailments and instead relish the opportunity to let go & enjoy some “me” time. It incorporates all the techniques used for a regular full body massage and lots of supports are used during the treatment to ensure that the client is at her most comfortable.

Each consultation also gives the client an opportunity to express herself in a supportive environment and because of Bernadette’s wide and lengthy experience as a pregnancy yoga teacher she can offer techniques to help alleviate most conditions or to advise about diet, lifestyle, etc

Empowered Labour workshops

Pelvises are like a set of fingerprints, although similar in many ways they are also unique to each individual.

By familiarising yourself with the shape of your own pelvis, choices can be made regarding which positions and movements you use throughout labour and birth that work with your unique structure.

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1-1 Pregnancy yoga

Bernadette offers 1-1 Pregnancy Yoga in the comfort of your own home

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