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Pregnancy Yoga

During these unusual times, I am moving my classes online. I am currently using an app called Zoom, which is free for you to download:

Suggested contribution:

£8 per session

Saturdays at 10:30

Classes can be paid for individually or in blocks

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1-1 Pregnancy yoga

Bernadette offers 1-1 Pregnancy Yoga in the comfort of your own home

Now available via Zoom

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Pregnancy yoga classes

Pregnancy yoga

Bernadette usually offers the following pregnancy yoga classes in the borough of Greenwich. During the current time, please see details of her pregnancy yoga zoom class on Saturday.

Storkway Children’s Centre, Ridgebrooke Road, SE3 9QX.  – view map

This class is on Tuesdays 13:00-14:00

They are open to women in the South Greenwich area, who are registered or will register at Alderwood, Storkway, Eltham, Shooter’s Hill, Greenacres & Vista Fields Children’s Centres or who attend midwifery clinics at any of these centres.

Call 0208 331 1970 to book your place each week These very low cost classes  are open to any woman  from 16 weeks onwards & will offer a range of yoga practices , which help to promote strength & flexibility, address some of the common ailments of pregnancy & equip you with ways of helping to relax both in pregnancy & labour.

The Greenwich Centre, Lambarde Square, SE10 9GB

This class is on Saturday mornings 10:15-11:15. Just turn up and pay at reception.

All equipment is provided in both locations. Suitable from 16 weeks onwards

Well woman yoga during pregnancy

Bernadette is able to accommodate pregnant women (from 16 weeks) into both the Tuesday morning & Wednesday evening  Well Woman Yoga classes, if the current time/days of her Pregnancy Yoga classes do not suit your schedule.

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Breath & Space workshops

Bernadette runs workshops to prepare you for giving birth

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Paid time off for pregnancy yoga!

You are entitled to paid time off to attend ‘ante natal classes’, if your midwife or doctor have recommended them to you.

See Directgov website for more info

Bond with your unborn child

Each session always ends with deep relaxation practices, enabling you to unravel and dissolve any knots of mental, emotional and physical tension.

It also gives you the opportunity to bond with your unborn child – particularly important if you don’t get much opportunity for this in your day to day life.

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga is an ideal way of enhancing pregnancy by strengthening, toning and preparing muscles particularly those which are used during labour. Each course teaches techniques which help with pregnancy ailments.

Deep relaxation and breathing techniques are central themes of her approach and time is given to strengthen the connection between mother & child. A range of techniques is taught to enable women to enter into labour with less fear and more confidence in how to manage this singular event in life.


Also on offer are:

Breath & Space labour workshop

  • Sunday May 10 2020. 10:30-13:00
  • Suitable for women minimum 28 weeks pregnant with or without labour companion
  • £35 per person. £65 per pair
  • You will also receive detailed, illustrated workshop notes to support you. Email Bernadette for booking details
  • Bespoke labour workshops are also available via Zoom. Please contact me to discuss directly

1-1 Yoga

  • By arrangement
  • Bespoke 1-1 sessions at your convenience to address your needs

Please email me at if you would like more details or have any questions

Empowering Labour workshops

Pelvises are like a set of fingerprints! Although similar in many ways they are also unique to each individual.

By familiarising yourself with the shape of your own pelvis, choices can be made regarding which positions and movements you use throughout labour & birth that work with your unique structure. Thus optimising the space available to birth your baby. The positions you use throughout the day and night in the last trimester can also encourage or discourage your baby into the optimal fetal position. Alignment matters!

Bernadette offers 2-hr workshops which explore the impact that muscle tension has on reducing space, increasing the perception of pain and wasting valuable energy.

So by simple, effective use of the breath, visualisation & positions suitable for your own pelvis you can feel empowered to help normalise the labour & birthing process, in simple yet highly effective ways.

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The courses are suitable for women who are at least 12 weeks pregnant, whether or not they have any experience of yoga

Benefits of antenatal yoga

Results of a study funded by baby charity Tommy’s, and published on Pubmed, show that UK researchers have studied effect of Antenatal yoga on pregnant women, finding that it can help reduce the risk of them developing anxiety & depression, and concluding that:

“Antenatal yoga seems to be useful for reducing women’s anxieties toward childbirth and preventing increases in depressive symptomatology”

Details can be viewed in full at:

Some words from Bernadette about her pregnancy yoga course:

The course offers suitable and relevant yoga practices to promote a sense of well being during this important time and are an ideal way of practicing an energising, effective, subtle yoga practice, reaping benefits for both mother and unborn child.

Conditions either associated with pregnancy or other on-going health issues are always taken into account so that the emphasis is on what’s best for the individual, rather than a “one size fits all” approach.

Along with yoga asanas, there is emphasis on using the breath well, both throughout pregnancy and with a view to applying some techniques to manage labour, as well as practicing movements, positions and visualisation.

Although no-one can say for certain what kind of labour you and your baby will have, I can guarantee that you will learn key practices which will empower you both physically and mentally.

These will give you confidence in your ability to birth your baby, whether this is your first labour experience or not. Over the years I have been privileged to have taught thousands of women and their babies and am thrilled to be in the position of supporting women in their second, and even third pregnancies.

Course includes all materials and yoga equipment is provided.

The course includes:

  • Practicing yoga asanas and energy-block releasing exercises
  • Practicing a range of breathing techniques to promote emotional balance and good energy levels during pregnancy as well as also looking in detail how to use these techniques during labour & birth
  • A range of pelvic floor exercises to both tone, strengthen & relax
  • Experiencing deep relaxation and visualisation techniques to promote calm and ease physical, mental and emotional tension and anxiety and to enhance connection with the unborn child
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • How to manage fear in labour and the impact on the body
  • Visualisations and relaxation
  • Mapping your pelvis
  • Using water for labour
  • Using ‘birth ball’ in pregnancy, labour & beyond
  • Practice of labour positions, movement & sound
  • A supportive, friendly environment where the opportunity is given to raise any issues relating to this significant time of life
  • A place to connect with other local women

These courses are an ideal complement to NCT or parentcraft classes – they do not have the same content, particularly the labour techniques.

Please note: Women can book for part of the course if their baby is due before the end of the course and pay accordingly. And if you want to ensure your labour supporter has some idea of how very useful they could be to you both come to Space & Breath birth rehearsal workshop.

Bernadette is a member of FEDANT (Federation of Ante Natal Teachers) and Birthlight.