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Empowered Labour workshops:

If you would like details of the next Zoom workshop or would like to arrange a bespoke session for yourself, with our without a birth supporter, please contact Bernadette direct

These are 3 hr workshops for women with or without labour companion, minimum 28 weeks pregnant.

You will also receive detailed, illustrated workshop notes to support you.


£50 per person, £90 per couple

Home visits:

£140 per couple

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On this workshop you will learn:

  • Practices to prepare for labour in later weeks of pregnancy
  • The various signs & symptoms of labour
  • A range of breathing practices, useful for different parts of labour- the most important tool!
  • Strategies to cope with early first stage of labour
  • Strategies to cope with super – fast labours
  • Management skills for established labour
  • Positions, movements, sound for labour to help you stay “open” in the body- Which positions & movements may be best suited to you as an individual
  • How to maintain energy & focus in labour
  • Ways to use a “birthing ball”
  • Use of water in labour
  • The impact of fear & the impact of tension in the body
  • and management skills
  • Use of massage, acupressure, reflexology in labour
  • Positive visualisation techniques
  • The third stage of labour
  • Early days with a new born emotions and hormones.
  • Initial breastfeeding advice

You will receive handouts to support the content of the workshop.

Please contact Bernadette to discuss. Email or call 0208 853 5944.

Some words from Bernadette about these workshops:

“This intensive half day workshop is suitable for women at least 28 weeks pregnant & their labour supporter(s). Women are also extremely welcome to come alone.

It makes sense for both a woman & her supporter(s) to prepare for labour in the last few weeks of the pregnancy. You will learn a range of accessible, effective & very helpful techniques and strategies, which can enable you both to play active, positive roles in labour. These will increase your confidence and reduce fear and doubt.

A variety of handouts will support the workshop however you are encouraged to continue some of the practices regularly for them to be easily accessble to you both in labour!

These workshops ARE NOT the same as Hypnobirthing. However they make an ideal complement to them & you will learn different things.

Things to bring with you:

Bring water & a snack if you wish.

All participants need to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Please also come with any questions or issues you may want to raise.”

Read more testimonials:

“All in all a fantastic experience and all down to what I learnt at your class, as well as the self confidence it inspired in me & my partner.

Thank you so much for sharing your tips & techniques for labour. They enabled me to experience the best labour I could have dreamed of.”


“…Giving birth this time round has been one of the most empowering experiences of my life.

I managed to give birth to Wilma at home, completely naturally, in the birthing pool supported by my partner Luke and my incredible independent midwife I used the rectangle breathing throughout until I had to start pushing, right at the end of the seven hour labour in the early hours of new year’s day. By managing the pain with the breathing I was able to relax, which in turn made the contractions more bearable and I was able to use a number of yoga positions and moves to give myself more room too, even right towards the end.

I made good use of the directional breathing too, especially towards the end when the baby was pushing right down on my sacrum. Now I understand why you always make such a big deal about pulling your sitting bones apart!

Do feel free to share my experience with the class. I had my first baby in hospital with no real preparation on my behalf and ended up with the textbook cascade of intervention that people warn about: epidural, forceps, stitches and a lovely hospital derived infection to boot. This time round, coming to your classes and practising several times a week at home gave me the tools and confidence I needed to have my baby on my own terms. A couple of hours after Wilma was born, we were all tucked up in our own bed drinking tea and eating toast. It was amazing.”


“I am a local midwife as well as mum & from a professional perspective can recommend the informative & beneficial pregnancy/postnatal yoga classes and birthing workshops, which can be excellent preparation for your birth experiences.”

Sara – local midwife