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Amber bracelets/anklets

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The anklets/bracelets are 5.5″ – 6″ (14cm-15.5cm).

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Amber necklace & bracelets/anklets

Amber necklaces & anklets come in a gift presentation box, which makes them both ideal for an unusual baby gift and a safe place to keep when not in use. In order to send you the best size anklet for your baby, please provide the circumference of their ankle. Also your preference for polished or raw amber, plain or varicoloured.

The necklaces, anklets and bracelets are not for chewing or wearing at night. The necklaces / anklets are suitable to be worn during the day by babies from 3-4 months of age and it is never too late for children to start to wear them.

The image above show a range of amber anklets in a wide variety of colours.

The necklaces are about 11.5″-12.5″ (29cm-32cm) in length.

The anklets/bracelets are 5.5″ – 6″ (14cm-15.5cm).

They each have a threaded amber clasp and they are knotted between each bead, for extra safety. They are made from the highest grade of 100% Baltic amber. No two beads or necklaces are exactly alike.

The word amber is derived from the old Arabic word “ambar.” The Greek for amber is elektron.Amber is not a mineral or gemstone, but a fossilised sap from prehistoric trees, which grew as long as 50million years ago.

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