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Ageless Beauty

£50 for 60 mins / £38 for 30 mins

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£60 for 60 mins

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Ayurveda is India’s ancient holistic healing science and is more than 10.000 years old. The term Ayurveda consists of 2 words Ayu-life and Veda-science.

Padabhyanga Is significantly prominent in the field of preventative medicine, yet also helpful in the treatment of illness.

It is one of a broad based set of tools for healing, which takes into consideration different body types or constitutions, called Doshas. It is by balancing the 3 doshas of an individual’s constitution that health is maintained

Feet provide the connection of the individual with the Earth energy via grounding. There are many nerve endings in the feet which eminate from organs in the body. Via massage these nerves are strengthened and health can be restored to many parts of the body.Integral to Ayurvedic practice is the stimulation of certain marma points on the feet and legs in order to either release or dispel stagnant energy or to stimulate or energise.

Treatments are performed whilst the client lies back or up on a massage couch, fully clothed but with feet and lower legs accessible. A small bronze “Kasa” bowl is also used in the massage routine as well as hands. The treatment takes around 1hr to complete.

Padabhyanga adresses the following:

  • Insomnia and fatigue
  • Helps prevent sciatica
  • Aids foot health-alleviates pain, improves muscle tone and nourishes the skin
  • Helps maintain eyesight & hearing
    improves cramp and circulation
  • A modified sequence is beneficial to babies from 3 months old in order to maintain the balance of the doshas