Studio classes

Well Woman Studio courses either for individuals, or groups, are scheduled to resume in September 2020

To be kept informed, please contact Bernadette:

Zoom classes will be ongoing throughout 2020.


Blackheath Complementary Health Centre, 184-186 Westcombe Hill, London SE3 7DH

Yoga classes on Zoom

Bernadette offers online yoga classes using an app called Zoom, which is free for you to download:

Well Woman Yoga
  • Tuesdays at 10:00 – Live streamed class: 90 minutes.
  • Suggested contribution £9 – £11. Concessions available.
Deep Rest & Digest for Women & Men
  • Tuesdays at 20:30 – Live streamed class: 60 minute class.
  • Suggested contribution. £8.  Concessions available.
Well Woman Yoga
  • Wednesdays at 19:30 – Live streamed class: 90 minutes.
  • Suggested contribution £9 – £11. Concessions available.

Classes can be paid for individually or in blocks.

Also on offer:

1-1 Yoga

Visit our 1-1 Yoga Therapy page to find out more

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I guess it is an opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for delivering and constantly developing your wonderful sessions.

They mean a lot to a lot of people, including me, and often I think they’ve helped me go through a lot of bad times and still do, and when I’m not feeling completely down, they give a wonderful sense of balance and peace. Being in the company of nice and like-minded people is also very nice and reassuring.

The classes are very therapeutic, both physically and morally. Sometimes, a session can reduce pain created by tension, stress or bad posture, or it allows your mind to let go of constant worries, so it is healing on all levels.

The classes include a range of exercises that enable the whole body and the mind to gradually unwind, relax, stretch and I always feel much more relaxed, at peace and positive at the end of a session.

Each session is different, with a clear progression, bringing variety, a sense of purpose and fun.

It’s also amazing how you can tell us what to change, how to modify a position according to our needs or physical issues, so that we get the most out of it.

I’ve always liked the reading each week which can make you smile or cry, or just makes you think in a different way.

Depending on the focus each week, I think each of us with our individual needs finds each session particularly beneficial.. However, there is something for everyone in each class.

I’ve learnt so much in these classes, about the constant link between mind and body, the power of breathing, the importance of letting go, undoing, how the regular practice of physical exercises can have an effect not only on your body but also on your mind, how yoga is not just an exercise session but a whole range of small practices that can improve your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Zoom class testimonial

WellWoman Yoga is a specific path to yoga, and indeed involves specialised training courses, in order to teach it.

It is a uniquely, therapeutic approach, as it was designed by women for women, and takes into account the fact that our bodies are different to men’s and, to a degree, to each other’s and that we are also creatures of cycles. These cycles are honoured in the sessions.

Bernadette undertook both part one & part two of the Well Woman teaching diploma in 2011-12 with Dr Francoise Freedman and combined with her 30 years of overall yoga teaching/ therapy experience, has developed her own approach, whilst also staying true to all the tenets of Well Woman yoga-the most important underpinning of it all being “grounding”- physical, mental & emotional.

She also is able to incorporate her other lengthy experience as a Reiki Master, massage therapist and Australian Bush Flower Essences practitioner to create her own way of offering support &  empowerment with women.

Bernadette includes asana-both of a restorative & flowing nature-simple pranayama practices; yoga nidra; mudras & bandhas; mantra; therapeutic micro movements and  massage as well as humour !, These are all intended to promote “womb ecology”, whatever stage a woman may have reached in her life’s cycle.

Practices taught carefully integrate the work of Eastern and Western healers and teachers, with references to classic yoga texts. These classes offer women a safe, nurturing space where they can access the opportunity to deeply relax & “undo” the roots of certain conditions and address them.

This form of therapeutic well woman yoga is compatible with mainstream and other complementary therapies. It is, nourishing and deeply nurturing, and provides tools for women to take charge of their overall wellbeing with simple, effective accessible practices many of which can be incorporated into day to day life and not just when on a yoga mat!

Also included, , when appropriate, are both considerations  & honouring of the various, traditional cycles of the year with specific processes, as well as practices around the cycles of the Moon.

There is a powerful yet often unexplored connection between our reproductive health and our emotions.

Stifled creativity, grief & bereavement, family history & attitudes, professional pressures, lack of emotional support can all impact on this health, often significantly contributing to many health issues, especially those linked to reproductive organs.

Unexplained infertility, heavy, painful or absent periods, fibroids, PCO, endometriosis, sciatica; adenomyosis, menopausal challenges, migraine are examples.

Bernadette also has experience in guiding women with less common conditions such as pudendal neuralgia and lichen sclerosis.

Most of these requirements are unable to be met within a general yoga, or exercise class.

Adrenal stress, post- surgery recovery, diastasis recti; umbilical hernia, prolapses, sacro iliac and and various chronic conditions can also benefit, so that women receive tools to help address what is impairing their day to day enjoyment of life and optimise hormonal balance.

More and more there is a need for Yoga that is more specifically directed to enhance women’s well- being. Please contact her if you would like to discuss anything. If you would like to call her she is happy to offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation prior to joining a class.0208 853 5944.

Well woman yoga is compatible with mainstream medical treatment.

If you would prefer 1-1 sessions these can be arranged in your own home at a time that suits you, or at Greenwich Wellness Rooms on Trafalgar Rd.

Read more testimonials:

…” Bernadette’s classes were a sanctuary for me as they gave me a space to ‘recover’ both mentally and physically, and to find spiritual happiness. Later I went into full-time employment and like anyone with an addictive nature, because I couldn’t attend all of Bernadette’s classes, I didn’t attend any!

More recently, I have been searching for a space in which to find inner peace, along with good mental and physical health – I am still caring for my mum and I have been incredibly stressed. I tried to think of when and where I have been most happy and my thoughts returned to Bernadette’s yoga classes. After a bit of research, happily I found out about Bernadette’s yoga course at the Yogi Tree so I immediately signed up.

My reason for wanting to return to Bernadette’s yoga classes specifically is because I achieved inner harmony and spiritual awareness, my concentration, and memory improved significantly and my physical and mental health improved to the point where I had never felt so good. Since rejoining Bernadette’s classes I have already begun to feel better and believe, no I know, I am on the road to recovery. Bless her.

Bernadette practices what she preaches so to speak, so when she asks you about your health and injuries she is always mindful of what she has learned about you and adjusts your practice accordingly. Relaxation means relaxation. Moreover, her wealth of experience in yoga and complementary therapies means that your experience will be both peaceful and positive.

Joining Bernadette’s yoga class is the kindest thing I have done for myself. Why don’t you do the same?”


“…I started out thinking I would probably not last more than a week or two but the classes are the highlight of my week. Bernadette is and excellent teacher with a calm, tranquil nature. She teaches in a way that is supportive and intuitive to the body and I have found easy to incorporate the exercises into my everyday life.

I have so much more energy and my balance and flexibility have improved remarkably in a short space of time. I also find it easier to relax into life from day to day by keeping up the breathing techniques and gentle exercise.”


Well Woman yoga during pregnancy

Bernadette is able to accommodate pregnant women (from 16 weeks) into both the Tuesday morning & Wednesday evening Well Woman Yoga classes

Well Woman yoga at home

Bernadette also offers individual Well Woman yoga therapy in your home.

Contact Bernadette for further details:
Tel.020 8853 5944

Support for long term Diastasis recti

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis (Diastasis Recti) seems to have increased in the last two decades. This midline separation of women’s abdominal wall associated with pregnancy is often left untreated during the postnatal period and in later years.

This condition is not prevented by keep fit practices, including some forms of yoga for pregnancy. Yet with a balanced yoga practice, the midline tissue of the Linea Alba can be expected to be flexible and strong enough to withstand most pregnancies. A healthy abdominal wall is essential for a pain-free lower back, urinary continence, sexual health and pelvic organ support.

Bernadette has trained with Francoise Freedman of Birthlight & offers bespoke practices, for various forms of Diastasis Recti and umbilical hernias, which can all occur in pregnancy & the post natal period and may often remain undiagnosed for many years. So whether this is a condition that has not been addressed for many years, or you are experiencing it post natally or you are aiming to heal between pregnancies, there are simple, highly effective yoga based techniques that can make a positive impact.

Bernadette offers bespoke 1-1 yoga therapy for Diastasis recti in your own home or local studio.– contact Bernadette to find out more

MP3 testimonial:

“The speed is just right and it is as if she is in room with him talking especially to me. I have never been big on meditation nor mindfulness but this  is such a pleasure to listen to that I actually look forward to my 45 minutes of me time. I feel much rested and regenerated afterwards.”


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