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New clients will be sent a confidential health screening form, to be completed & returned via email. You are encouraged to arrive at the specified appointment time for your treatment to minimise time in communal areas.

Should you feel unwell on the day of your scheduled treatment please telephone 0208 853 4444 to reschedule your appointment.

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£70 for 75mins

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The benefits for hot stone massage are an invigorated nervous system and local circulation, elimination of cellular waste and debris, due to physical, mental and emotional strain, facilitation of deep relaxation, heightened awaremess and energy block release, a geneeral feeling of well being in body, mind and spirit.

Blood oxygenation, reduction of production of tissue damaging chemical, reduction of inflammation, release of body’s natural painkiller, increase of blood flow to viatl organs, creating a readjustment in the body, triggering rebalancing.

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Stone massage is thought to have originated in India & China over 3000 years ago. In Native North American traditions, basalt stones have been used for centuries for healing, protection and ritual purposes.

As with all other treatments offered, a detailed consultation takes place to ascertain the most appropriate treatment and combination of stones for each individual.This treatment is not recommended for pregnant women, diabetics or for those on blood thinning medication. For medically controlled high blood pressure or epilepsy, GP clearance is recommended.

The use of stones of various temperatures, sizes and  composition can be used to treat a number of common complaints. Hot basalt stones are used to expand blood vessels and relax muscles, thuse enabling a deeper treatment. A combination of deep compression, passive stretching, joint mobilty and acupressure may be used to enhance flexibilty and circulation, and balance energy.

Cold marble stones may also be used for inflamed areas in order to constrict blood flow to certain areas. Cold stones also stimulate the nervous system and increase lymph flow It is a good treatment for sports injury related issues as it can help to facillitate recovery.

Sometimes both hot and cold stones are used simultaneously, either for placement on the body or used for massaging. Larger stones are placed on major energy centres (chakras), in order to improve energy flow. Crystals are also used for this purpose.