Workshop dates

The sessions are held monthly on the following dates in 2021:

  • 09 Jan
  • 06 Feb
  • 06 Mar
  • 03 Apr
  • 08 May
  • 05 June

Time: 14:30-17:30


  • Upfront payment of all 6 sessions: £210
  • Concessions: £150

For instalment payment arrangements please email me.

If this resonates with you and you would like to find out more, please contact me:

Journey into Second Spring – Wise Woman Workshops

The aim of this series of workshops is that you will end up with a selection of useful tools & techniques that will hopefully give you a sense of empowerment, rather than helplessness, not just around menopausal issues, but the rest of your life, thereby gaining insight & knowledge  about yourself as a woman of wisdom.

Menopause is arguably the biggest transformation in a woman’s life. We all have our story. We are given the opportunity to start to step into our own skin, heal past karmic patterns. And move forward with self -compassion, self- value,  inner knowledge and confidence. It is a voyage of self- discovery.

This is an online live streaming, monthly workshop for women, who:

  • Are coming into their menopause journey, or in the thick of it
  • It also encompasses those who, for the most part have moved most of the way through it, yet from time to time are having echoes of it
  • It also is for women who, for whatever reason have experienced an early menopause, or surgically induced menopause
  • It is also suitable for women who are taking HRT

Each month will have a different theme & you will be sent information on this prior to each session. This will invite you to do a bit of self-reflection, in the form of questions and practices. So that there is a continuity over the month. And the processing is not all squashed into the 2.5hrs. Self reflection will be one of the most valuable tools.

Each session will include 60mins yoga practice, using a range of yoga techniques to support menopausal symptoms, from hot flashes, to loss of calcium, anxiety, poor sleep, and so on.

Also included will be nutritional suggestions; use of complementary therapies and mainstream support, HRT and much more.